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The Cabbage Family

With sightings of asparagus, artichokes, green garlic and peas we know that spring is well on its way. Mother  Nature will definitely have her say when it comes to the timing and harvesting of fresh fruits and vegetables for the market, but there’s  guaranteed great selection every week. Farmers’ market shoppers know to come with an open mind about what might be available and  keep an eye open for new crops as they arrive by season.

March is a good time to reacquaint ourselves with the cabbage family. St. Patrick’s Day tradition brings out the Corned Beef and Cabbage recipe, but cabbage come in a variety of shapes and colors that lend themselves to many other dishes.  Check out recipes for Roasted Cabbage Wedges, Tacos, Cabbage Slaw or Soup, braised cabbage and Kimchi.

Most common are the head cabbage (green, red and savoy) and Nappa cabbage. Green and red cabbage are made up of sturdy, smooth leaves that form compact heads – basically the same except for color and the slightly thicker leaves of the red varieties.

Most tender and mildest tasting of the head cabbage is the savoy – loose layers of crinkled leaves benefit from quick cooking methods like sautéing. Rice stuffed savoy cabbage leaves are excellent braised in tomato sauce.

Napa cabbage, also called Chinese cabbage or celery cabbage, is identified by its oblong shape. The pale green leaves hint of a little sweetness along with pepper or mustard, and a must when making Chinese Chicken Salad.

Salad savoy (ornamental kale) is particularly attractive for garnishing plates with their pink, purple or white leaves.

Feature vendor this month is Chris Straface, founder and CEO of Yoatz. He has a “fill you up or your money back” guarantee for his product. Yoatz is a prepared oatmeal having a creamy or fluffy consistency made from uncooked rolled oats that are soaked in a cultured milk. Each serving has 4g of fiber, around the same amount as in a bowl of oatmeal, but about half the carbs.  It’s delicious eaten cold or warmed up in a microwave safe dish. Stop by Chris’ stand any Sunday for a sample of this high protein breakfast or snack.

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